Modified Knex Pistol





Introduction: Modified Knex Pistol

I will finish this soon, i have to retake the pictures, and i may make a bottom-loading mag, anyone can feel free to help with that part

This is a modified version of Alathald's handgun/pistol, I also used a version of bedbugg2's handle from his semi-auto pistol, this is my first instructable, and i enjoy constructive criticisms, just don't be a moron

Step 1: The Main Body/Barrel

1. Start By Building This (2 grey connectors, 2 orange, 2 yellow, 5 green rods)
2. Then 2 Of These (4 green connectors, 6 yellow, 12 green rods, 2 blue connector)
3.Put White Rods Into Each Hole In the First Piece (6 White Rods)
4. Snap The Parts From Step 2 Onto The White Rods (On Both Sides)

Step 2: Trigger

1. Build This (2 Red Connectors, 1 Green Rod)
2.Then This (1 Orange Connector, 1 Blue Rod, 1 White Rod)
3. Snap Them Together Like So
4. Just Another Image



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