this is how i built it; note the hollow support for the barrel: this works just fine for me.
does it shoot?
uh... i SAID mine doesn't yet. that's just because i couldn't find the gears for it.
Dude, hate to break it to ya but..... V3.0
Know that one is blurry, some more pics: And BTW, please dont try to build v3.0 til the ible is done.
ible coming soon?
Hope so :)
obviously NOT.
... DEAD&nbsp;COMMENT. OVER&nbsp;SIX&nbsp;MONTHS&nbsp;OLD.<br />
no but my sixth sense... I see dead people.
*aims 300 caliber railgun*<br />
THAT would be powerful...
You. Netiquite. Lessons. Get them.
next project's coming...?
2 at the mo. 1 is being 'ibled now, one i need to dissasemble for pics after working out a few bugs.
why not try to build it till ible's done? too hard, or just afraid i'll steal your idea? cause i have no intention of doing so. can you send it to me by email? my address is dsblackout@gmail.com
Did you see the original?
Are you talking to him or to me?&nbsp;I don't hate. I just get impatient. And if you annoy me, pissed off. Thankfully, most people don't piss me off too much.<br />
&nbsp;SORRY SORRY SORRY!<br /> <br /> Him...<br /> <br /> <br /> No hard feelings?<br />
It's OK, you didn't annoy me.<br />

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