Modified ZLG




Introduction: Modified ZLG

I made the ZLG today. I liked everything about it except the trigger. I mean the fact that the trig slides, not the mech. This is what I came up with.

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    it wouldv'e been nice if you showed instructions.

    that's an opinion! my opinion is that i don't like sliding triggers! ~sighs~

    You should've posted that as a comment.

    Sliding triggers look better, work better and are harder to practically design. Thanks for butchering one of the best single shot guns ever made.

    why the hell did you do this? Sliding triggers are the hardest to make, and most popular triggers. I don't get why you don't want this. there are only 4 guns with sliding triggers, and they are all popular because of the triggers. you need to give credit to Zak and mepain aswell.

     kNeXFreek's punisher turret pistol.

    That is a ZLG with a turret, it does not count.  Knexfreek did not design that himself.

     Yeah, well I counted it.
    The other one is on KI, its the semi auto handle fed pistol.