Picture of Modified tie rack
I always try to look my best. At least, I always try to look my best on Fridays. Formal Fridays.

The dress code where I work is a bit below casual: Few people wear shoes, and shirts are often optional after an afternoon of surfing. To be blunt, we're a bunch of slobs. To combat this, even if only in a mocking fashion, I started Formal Friday. Sort of like causal or Hawaiian shirt Friday, except with ties, dress shirts, and classy footwear.

This has resulted in a literal explosion of cheap and eye-bleedingly bright ties. My tie rack just wasn't up to the task, so I had to improve it. I'm sure I could have bought something to do this very job, but that's just not my style -- isn't it always more fun to make whatever you need?
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Step 1: The problem

Picture of The problem
This vertically hanging tie rack really can't handle as many ties as it has rungs. The ties end up all piled on top of each other and impossible to find. Plus, at the end of a grueling Formal Friday, I just didn't have the energy to put a tie back on its rung. It always ended up dumped on the top.

Step 2: Attach clothes hangers

Picture of Attach clothes hangers
The cheap-o metal tie rack broke when I tried to bend it, so instead I resorted to using cable ties.

Step 3: Make triangles

Picture of Make triangles
Triangles are always the strongest option.

Step 4: Trim cable ties, load up ties

Picture of Trim cable ties, load up ties
Now it works so much better! I've smiled every morning when I see it. I can actually see all my ties and they're not just piled on top of each other.
MrsNikky3 years ago
My ties keep falling off. I must have done something wrong. Awesome idea though! +1
try bending it up at the ends  
abadfart5 years ago
very nice i think ill make one of these for belts 
Jayefuu5 years ago
The title picture for this ible doesn't really do it justice. I thought you were just hanging them  on normal hangers til I looked inside. Pic 1 of step 4 is much better, it looks awesome!
BoxOfAshes5 years ago
It's cute
and i like your green tie =D
ewilhelm (author)  BoxOfAshes5 years ago
kirnex7 years ago
Nice! You ought to patent this. ;-)
Dorion7 years ago
Excellent. I am going to make one of these to help corral my scarves. BTW, in my "business casual" environment (flipflops count in that? really?) I often wind up wearing nicer skirts on Fridays. Strange, innit?
woodknot8 years ago
Ties stretch because they are cut on the bias (diagonal). That allows the nice "drape". As for hanging vs rolling: My husband told me that he had to stand and imagine himself in the tie before he could choose it. If it was rolled up, he would have to unroll it, look in the mirror, reroll it and choose another. If you are not like him, rolling them will keep them in good shape virtually forever (with good dry cleaning). If that's what you want, make sure they don't lay next to the wood of the drawer. It will snag the threads.
parvath8 years ago
aaarrrrrrhhhh genious
tikimon8 years ago
you actually untie your tie!? :)
ewilhelm (author)  tikimon8 years ago
I've actually become a fan of the full Windsor knot.
good instructable., On a related but not really note: I used to hang my ties for years when I had to wear one to work. I never understood why they woudl stretch, curl and generally start to look bad over the course of a few months. As it turns out it's much better for your ties to be rolled. SO, I folded then in half, and rolled them up into a bunch of tie pinwheels. I stored then in a sock drawer. My ties stayed neat much longer and hung from my simple pathetic neck for years to come. My 2 cents worth. (Don't you hate it when some know-it-all throws in his opinion in the comments of a intrustable? :p )
ewilhelm (author)  ColumbusCOOK8 years ago
Seems like most of the stretching would happen right at the fold at the rung of the tie rack. This part is then hidden by your collar. Rolling does sound like it would be better for the ties in the long run. I'm just not certain I can manage to do that. Hanging them back up is almost too much of a chore. However, everytime I hang my ties back up I'm going to think of this and and wonder if I'm doing the right thing!!!!!
intoon8 years ago
Ah...there is nothing better than Formal Friday. In fact, I've been dressing up on Fridays at school, hoping to spread a trend, but so far I'm the only one to dress up. That's okay though, I like individuality. That is quite the collection of bright and/or overly patterned ties. You should show a picture of your Formal Friday shoes, those are my favorite.
That's really cool. The hubby's growing tie collection could definitely use something like this.
t3hr4v3n8 years ago
Awesome Instructable... This took only 5 minutes and saved me from having to buy a new Tie Rack.
trebuchet038 years ago
"...explosion of cheap and eye-bleedingly bright ties." Thanks... I needed that laugh :) --- What's worse than boring technical papers? Boring Tech papers without purpose for a class. "Why did you do this lab?" Well, something tells me "because you told me to" isn't going to fly when the TA grades it :P