Hi. Who? What? Me.

Well I made Dj's AR4 V2 and it ruled. Then I wanted to make a shell-ejecting gun. I remembered there was one on KI, TheDunkis's. That gave me an idea. I decided to make the AR-4 Eject shells. So, I made the mag from his XM8 bigger. Now all I needed was a new barrel. I Used Decapitated grey's in the AR-4. Then I thought, If you cut decapitated greys further down, then it will be able to hold grey spacers. Thats when I decided to make the shells out of silver spacers. The shell fits snug in the extremely decapitated greys and the bullet fits in the decapitated greys. When you load the shell in (PS i forgot to tell you that you can use the mag with the shells but they for some reason don't auto eject) the bullet is preventing the shell from ejecting. When you fire, The ram prevents the bullet from ejecting. When you pull the ram back again, the shell ejects. (I forgot to mention that the mag pusher bands eject the shells). The fore grip i got off the UMP-45 by TheDunkis, But he said he found it among other guns I also added sights!
Alright, enough talking and more building!!!
- HB

Step 1: Fore Grip

This is the fore grip I was talking about earlier.

Pic 1-2 Build
Pic 3 Build (optional)
Pic 4 Modify
Pic 5 Attach grip to grip
Pic 6 All attached

Step 2: Barrel

Kind of hard. You will need to cut peices

Pic 1 what you need to cut
Pic 2 barrel
Pic 3 the whole barrel

Step 3: Magazine

the title says all

Pic 1&2 build

Step 4: Bands, Things, And...


Pic 1 mag pusher
Pic 2 mag in
Pic 3,4&5 RB

the commando is manufactured by the lwrc.<br>its just shoots a bigger round than an m4.
THIS IS A COMANDO??!!!! <br>
The AR-4 commando series was released YEARS before black ops.
Yes.. it's not a Black Ops commando though, witch is really just an M4.. It is DJRadio's gun which he called a commando long before Black Ops.
nice but i dont like the fore grip from the barrel :s 4.
whats a tan hubcap?
It's a tan clip with a little plastic piece sticking out of it
please make more steps
my parnets think im obsessed with knex to
ya my parents do to they just wont let me get more knex
sorry parents
what do you mean by that
I've posted a shell-ejecting knex gun, range 10m/33.33 feet. Check it out if you're interested.
Nice gun, I like how it ejects shells, i only wish that you didn't have to break pieces. overall, nice gun. +5 *'s :)
Thanks! I bought a bunch of peices especially so i could break them ;)
hmm. my parents wont let me buy anymore pices cause they think i have enough and that i am obssessed with knex. for my sniper, i broke three pieces to make the breach for a mag, and the gun firs up to 80 feet. accuratly about 50 feet.
OMG me to!!!!!!!!!
lol, excuse me for asking, but &quot;OMG you to&quot; what?
my parent think im obsesed with knex to
i think i will make this and then post a mod of it being more filled up if its ok with u
its ok with me.<br />
Shell got stuck in vid...tape was loose<br />
Hey happybirthday, get a load of this! its teh AR-4 v3 in beast mode!
still sick.
5 out of 5 Works Great!!!!
i like my shell ejecter better
Wow, that is awesome, 5*, and faved. Ps, did you remove the scope because it interfered with the shell ejection system?
No, i just didnt use it
I think it looks better with the scope on.
I will build the scope now then.
pics with scope?
where are they?
My camra died because i left it on + I ran out of pices. Sorry mate
No. Not lulz. I belive it is <strong>LULZS!</strong><br/>
Changed image?
yes i did.
doesn't look like th Ar-4 commando <sub> i think</sub> 5 stars and fave<br/>
It uses the exact same stock, handle, trigger, lower barrel, and fake barrel. The main barrel and mag were modded, and the foregrip was replaced.
you know... your right!
No offence but this makes your Ar-4 so much better =O<br/>
he should have put that top part of the stock on, and put a scope on.
OK, I will but my cam is out of batteries. I will make the scope.
also the butt is shorter, and he didnt put the scope on.
No comments!? this sucks then don't it?
nah, it just means you havent advertised it enough, or it hasnt shown up on recents.