Step 5: Install the software.

Now you need to install the programs that will let you design and print onto the disks.

Canon has a simple program, CD-LabelPrint, availible for download from it's European downloadssite.

CD-LabelPrint is pretty restrictive as far as features go but is great as a free program. Another alternative is SureThing CD Labeler, but alas it is not free.

The best program I found for printing disks is UnderCover XPUnderCover XP. Best of all, the price can't be beat! If you like it, support it via paypal donation.

Finally you need to have a tray to insert into the printer. You can make it cheap, or buy it (still pretty cheap) on ebay. My tutorial for the tray is herehere.

buhdieboy7 years ago
if inkjet printer ? is ink colorfast like water resistant ?
Drywater (author)  buhdieboy7 years ago
It is if printed on Taiyo Yuden Watersheild Disks. These are not only splash resistant (and fingerprint resistant) but also have a very smooth glossy finish.

I've tried some Verbatims with very poor results.