Picture of Modify PSX Controller for Vectrex Games Console
Brief pictorial showing how a cheap Playstation type controller might be modified to work with the GCE Vectrex console.
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Step 1: The Controller...

Picture of The Controller...
Wanting to preserve my original, and probably quite rare Vectrex controller, I decided I needed something to replace it. Preferably a pair of controllers, so I can play the huge number of 2-player Vectrex games out there. The thought had occured to me to make a pair of copies of the original, as it's a really basic design, but I guessed there might be an easier way.

The requrements are four push-buttons and an analogue stick. I found a pair of these USB Playstation-style controllers and as they were cheap, bought them on spec.

I'm not the first to do this mod. It's convered a couple of times elsewhere on the 'net, either by buying a black box (just plug and play), or by hacking up a little analog circuit to do the job. Here, I'll do the conversion with as few extra components as possible.

Turns out, the pack I purchased contained a pair of 'real' fake PSX controllers with the cables siamesed together into a single USB adapter box, inside which turns out to be a 'glop-top', presumably an ASIC dedicated for the task.
Ellexis5 years ago
Awesome! Would you be willing to build and sell these? If so, please let me know! Thank you and God bless!
chevyboy6666 years ago
this is an awe some instructable for people like me who are just used to the psx controller layout but you know you can plug in the Atari Coleco or even a sega Genisis controller and it will work
calamitydrains (author)  chevyboy6666 years ago
Thanks dude, but that's not true. If you plug a Genesis gamepad in, pressing button A will likely blow the Vectrex's PSU. The Vectrex expects an analogue stick and has split power rails to the controller (+ and -5V). The Genesis and most others of that era are digital inputs, and use +5V only. Plus the Genesis connector won't fit the Vectrex unless the plug is trimmed down a bit.
reouch6 years ago
sssssssssssnap! i have one and i love it, i've got many games. There are some 3D goggles for it that i have seen on ebay but i dont know what it's for
royalestel8 years ago
Awesome dude! We should email Ben Heckendorn and get him to make a portable one :) I remember a friend of mine had one of these awesome suckers! Good times.
westfw8 years ago
Cool. I've got a vectrex somewhere! Never did get myself a multi-cart, though.