Introduction: Modify Tamron 70-300mm Macro Lens to Switch on Macro Mode at 70mm

My first instructables submission :) In 2008 I discovered that the Sigma/Tamron 70-300mm lens contains a trick where you can extend the capability of the focusing distance. The older video I made in 2010 can be found here:

Basically, the lens has a 'macro mode' button. The button can only be use when the zoom is between 200~300mm (Sigma) or 180~300mm (Tamron). I discovered that the button is just a stopper, the focusing mechanism is capabible of zooming at 0.95m anytime if you remove the stopper. Even though one should modify their lens at their own risks, I am sorry that some feedback shows they messed up their lenses.

Therefore, here's the more detail step-by-step video.


dan3008 (author)2015-07-18

wow, I have that exact lens, wish I was brave enough to take it appart and do that myself...

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