Step 1: How Do Surround-Sound Headphones Work?

Surround sound headphones use three speakers per ear: a Front, a Rear and a Center channel. The center channel is a normal, large headphone speaker. The Front and Rear speakers are more like earbud-style speakers, and are connected to small tubes that guide the sound in front and behind your ear.

The concept is simple, but it requires a 6-channel sound card for it to be true surround sound that is correctly supported by games and DVDs.

another way to test the wires is continuity. most meters have a audible beep when the connection is made
techinally you do not have a center channel. that would be a 7 channel system. 6 channel systems do not have a center. its Front(L,R) Side(L,R) Rear(L,R). this is still surround sound. in case anyone is wondering, when you see .1 at the end it means there is a dedicated sub channel
 very interesting I'ble... I might try this my self.. our i might just get a USB 5.1 surround sound card... not too interested with the headphones...
Just out of curiosity, what's the brand/model of the headphones you used?<br />
I wish I could tell you specifically, but they were only branded as &quot;Mentor&quot;&nbsp;and I have seen a few identical models around the nets since, but never exactly the same brand.&nbsp; Really though, with a touch of know-how, you can do this with any pair that has an in-line unit like that.<br /> <br /> Its just a case of using an ohmmeter to identify the different wires going to each speaker.<br />
Yeah, I wouldn't imagine it'd be very hard to do the same thing with a different pair of headphones.&nbsp; I was asking because a lot of USB headphones have poor sound quality, but since you've verified that those sound pretty good, they would be a good pair of cans to buy.<br />
Wow, nice instructable. the only thing is that isnt the sound card low quality?
Being outside the PC, its relatively free from stray EMI and other signals that interfere with on-board sound cards. Other than less static when using headphones (because of that lesser interference) it sounds just as good as my Realtek on-board sound, if not better.

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