Modify a 6 EUR smoke detector for use with microcontroller, auto-dialer, linking, and more


Step 6: Reassembly

Picture of Reassembly
To run the extra signal and ground wire, I cut a small square notch from the lip of the base plastic piece and secured it with hot melt glue, after zip-tying the two wires together.  Hot glue was reapplied to secure the battery clip.

And that's it!  You now have a battery powered smoke sensor for your next home automation, science project, or DIY security system!
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In am wondering if it is possible to wire a standard smoke alarm to a speaker/buzzer of a lower frequency. It is typical for people loosing their hearing to loose the high frequency first. For instance I cannot hear anything above 3000hz and very poor below that. If I could have a smoke detector below 2000hz I might hear it. As it is I can stand right under a ringing smoke alarm that is driving everyone else nuts and I don't hear it at all. The manufacturers make hearing impaired smoke detectors that are louder...blink a light or talk to you. but this is not going to wake me up if it goes at night. Can you provide any insight into this?
Thanks in advance.