Modify an 80's Retro Handheld Game by Adding a MP3/MP4 Player

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Picture of Modify an 80's Retro Handheld Game by Adding a MP3/MP4 Player

I have a bunch of very cool 80s handheld games - some in great condition, others have seen better days.  One I had was totally dead, and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't throw it away.  So instead I decided to bring it back to life with a modern twist. 

I scoured ebay trying to find the perfect MP4/MP3 player that I could intergrate into the casing of the game without having to do too much damage to the original look of the handheld.  I managed to find the below MP3/MP4 player which with a few modifications actually fitted amazingly well within the handheld. 

MP4/MP3 player

Check out the clip below on the mod in action:

This really was an easy mod which only needed a dremel, soldering iron and a little ingenuity - anyone can make this.

Here's what you'll need to do...
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Step 1: The bits and tools you'll need

Picture of The bits and tools you'll need
List of tools:
  1. Dremel
  2. Soldering Iron
  3. Stanley Knife
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Patience!

List of Material:
  1. An old handheld game you don't mind modding
  2. MP3/MP4 Player (the one I used was a touch screen - see intro for details)
  3. Switch

Step 2: Step 1 - Disassembling the Game and MP3/MP4

Disassembling the Handheld Game

Once you have your MP3/MP4 player and the screen looks like it will be a nice fit for the game, start to dissasemble the game itself.

Taking apart the handheld game
  1. Un-screw the back un-screw the circuit board from the shell of the game
  2. put all of the parts aside

Disassembling the MP3/MP4

Next you will need to get the MP3/MP4 player out of the casing that it is in. 
  1. On the MP3 player I used, I first cut the outer casing at the front with a pair of tin snips.
  2. Bend-up the casing and slide out the inside circut board and screen.
  3. Remove the white outer casing of the MP3 player (be careful - it is pretty fragile.)
  4. Put aside.


Haha... I used to have this game when I was a kid! Spent wayyyy to much time on it! Excellent instructables Btw.
ToadMib2 years ago
What kind of MP3 Player is it? Looks like you have had good results, and I tend not to with knockoffs.
lonesoulsurfer (author)  ToadMib2 years ago
It's just a cheap one I found on eBay. Check out the link on the first page. I brought 2 which was fortunate as the first one I tried to add cracked a screen. Overall the mp3 was pretty easy to mod.
ale6242 years ago
was i the only one that cringed when i saw it was an iPod?
ToadMib ale6242 years ago
No, I cringed to. The author says that it is only a 20$ knockoff though.
you were the only one :p
lonesoulsurfer (author)  ale6242 years ago
It's only a $20 knock off.
derte842 years ago
I love to change buttons and case of products too!
MCUman2 years ago
So what did you do to coverup the ugly metal edges of the display? These little things..... Nice job, tho!!!!
lonesoulsurfer (author)  MCUman2 years ago
The MP3 player actually fitted quite well into the game casing (once a couple of adjustments were made) so the casing itself covered most of the insides of the MP3. Plus the MP3 comes with a black frame around the screen which also helped.
lonesoulsurfer (author) 2 years ago
Hey everyone - I've entered my mod into the pocket size comp, if you think it's fits the bill and you like it could you please vote for me.
Thanks for looking.
RabidAlien2 years ago
Heh. The "kid" in me is loving this! Awesome mod!!
lonesoulsurfer (author)  RabidAlien2 years ago
Thanks dude.
ifreez2 years ago
super class!