Picture of Modifying The Nerf Dart Tag Blaster (DTB)
I have had this gun for awhile now, and I always wanted it to be better. This is my first Nerf modification done entirely by myself, so I hope it works for all of you who own this gun.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need: a knife, three different sized screwdrivers (for the three screw sizes), a hot glue gun (optional), glue, a straw (optional) and a Nerf DTB.

Step 2: Unscrew everything

Picture of Unscrew everything
DTB mod 001.jpg
Get rid of all the screws. There are two sizes holding the gun together, look at the picture for details.

Step 3: The internals

Picture of The internals
DTB mod 004.jpg
Take apart the gun. For the first part we will be working with the barrel turret thing. Lift it up, and a shaft will come with it. Leave leave everything else where it was, as most of the modification is with the barrel turret piece.

Step 4: Taking out the air restrictors (ARs)

Picture of Taking out the air restrictors (ARs)
DTB mod 006.jpg
DTB mod 007.jpg
There will be five screws that connect the black piece to the orange barrels. Unscrew all of them to get to the ARs. The ARs consist of three pieces: A 3 pronged piece (dispose), a spring (dispose) and a piece with a long stick on it. Break off the stick part, and using the knife, cut out the center to allow more air to flow through. Now glue them back onto the black thing to ensure a good seal.

Step 5: Increase airflow (optional)

Picture of Increase airflow (optional)
DTB mod 010.jpg
At the front of the plunger tube is a little black piece in front of a spring. This piece directs air to the barrels causing a dart to be fired. However, due to the shape of this piece, a large amount of air is lost getting to the barrel. Cut a straw so it is no taller than the black piece and use a hot glue gun to glue it in the center of the black piece. Make sure that there are no gaps where air can escape (see second picture), and put the piece back in the gun. *Note* If this step is done incorrectly it could decrease rather than the increase the performance of your gun. That is why this step is considered optional.
MAVREV135 years ago

nice mod dude i have a ? can u post a comment on domo0's page he wants to mod his dart tag gun if u could thanks.

stupidninja5 years ago
does it have to be a hot glue gun?
lnknprkfrk13 (author)  stupidninja5 years ago
Not sure exactly what you mean there. In the parts list it does say 'optional' so I hope that helps to answer your question.
limeblisss5 years ago
i tried your mod and it shot 5 feet. I ended up glueing those center things back on and it increased the range to where it was originally. Do you know what happened?
lnknprkfrk13 (author)  limeblisss5 years ago
I'm gonna assume you mean the AR's. It sound like you just took them off, rather than cutting out the center, and gluing them back on. If you look at the 4th step it should explain everything regarding the AR removal. If that doesn't help, you can always PM me.
NerfAssault5 years ago
Great mod, but how far does it shoot?
lnknprkfrk13 (author)  NerfAssault5 years ago
Well saying as it's a simple AR removal, it adds about 10 to 15 feet to the stock ranges. I'm guessing it shoots from around thirty to forty feet with pretty decent power behind a dart.
MewTwo1976 years ago
Instead of the rubber band, cant u just pull the spring a bit to make the spring bigger?
lnknprkfrk13 (author)  MewTwo1976 years ago
In general you really don't want to stretch springs, as over time they an become weaker. If you wanted to you can stretch it, but in the long run I'd just rather add another spring or a rubber band to increase power.
Kool, i didn't know that.
mtm1010976 years ago
there r no pics.......?
lnknprkfrk13 (author) 7 years ago
Crud!! I lost all the pics!! noooo!!!!
dsman1952767 years ago
nice! i just got a maverick today.
lnknprkfrk13 (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
Cool. I've been wanting to mod one of those for a while now. Just never gotten around to buying one.