Step 7: Ta Da!

Picture of Ta Da!
Now I am done. See my horrible attempts to take pictures of these. I fail at cameras, and washing my bathroom mirror.

Now off to get my tonsils removed. Please enjoy the tutorial, and any comments or edits will be done when I am done being sick with the general anesthetic.

I got the tonsils out, and finally came around, so I edited this for typos and clarity.

I also tried to get my tonsils from the surgery center. They said they couldn't give them out related to hazardous waste and all that. I promised I would put a "Warning: Do not eat" sticker on them to no avail. The surgeon then made Hannibal Lector jokes which endeared him to me greatly.

It's too bad really, because they would have looked great in my work shop for that bit of mad science flair.
co2wms7whcc5 years ago
This is my pair, I found you instructable the day I finished them.
Awesome job, you have managed to infect me with the want to make these myself, they sure beat paying those prices online for them.......why buy when you can make yourself
HeresyOfTruth (author)  Stormy_rayne6 years ago
I think that is a most excellent sentiment. Why buy anything that you can make yourself? I much prefer homemade and diy. If you make some of your own, post a picture so I can see!
sorry for the late responce, but of course i will, crafting is what i cove to do, though i don't think they'll come out as good
TBJ56 years ago
I have these green goggles as well, and your modifications make the ones I tried kinda pathetic (the green is pretty annoying). I'll give this a shot, hopefully it turns out as nice as yours.
Jinglesmar6 years ago
Those are great! And a great tutorial, too! And whats up with the docs and your tonsils? They're YOURS, after all!
HeresyOfTruth (author)  Jinglesmar6 years ago
Thanks very much. Apparently, I was not allowed to have my tonsils for fear that someone might lick and/or ingest them causing a spread of pathogens. No amount of promising to prevent my friends from licking them helped, sadly.
Are you a Toy Soldier in Dr.Steel's army? If not you should be, .... and by the way you look like my twin sister. Cool goggle guide! Im on it now!!
HeresyOfTruth (author)  pinkwerewolf7 years ago
I have not met this Dr. Steel. I would need to know his plans to make sure they do not overlap with my own, for world domination.
madfoot8 years ago
I have my wisdom teeth and have been wondering what to do with them.
IdahoDavid8 years ago
Very exotic. Gives you a very "Tommy" look, sort of near-future-world-without-an-ozone-layer sci-fi thing. Sorry about the tonsils. Doctors can be be so fussy about those pesky rules. It would have been fun to have them freeze-dried and turned into earrings.