In this instructable I am going to show you how to modify the transmitter on your wireless headphones. I really like using wireless headphones, but they have a few drawbacks. First, some headphone transmitters run on batteries. Second, the transmitters don't transmit far enough.  

The first problem may seem insignificant, but it can actually get very annoying. This is because the sound setup on my computer is somewhat finicky, having batteries that can wear out means there is one more thing to check when my sound stops working.

Poor transmitting range is more common and much more annoying. In general wireless headphones work fine if you are sitting three feet from the transmitter. But if you are like me you like to do things while you are using your headphones. Most cheap wireless headphones carry five to ten feet. In my case I wanted mine to carry farther than this, so I added an extra antenna. 

So now that you know what we are going to do why don't you go to the next step to see what materials and tools you will need. 

Doing this instructable may conflict with your local communications authorities rules the legality of this is entirely your responsibility.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Before we can start there are a few tools and materials that you need to get.

Here are the materials that you will need:
  1. Wireless headphones and transmitter. All we will be modifying is the transmitter, but ti doesn't do any good to modify a transmitter if you don't have headphones for it.
  2. DC wall adapter. The voltage you need depends on how many batteries your transmitter uses. In my case my transmitter used two 1.5 volt batteries so I needed a three volt transformer.
  3. Shrink tubing. This is for insulating electrical connections.
  4. Solder.
  5. Antenna. This is for increasing the range of your headphone transmitter. I got mine from an old radio, but you could also get one new.

That is all of the materials you need.

Now for the tools:
  1. Soldering iron. Solder doesn't do you any good without a soldering iron.
  2. Multimeter. This  comes in handy, but you could probably get along without it.
  3. Assorted screwdrivers.
  4. Solder sucker. You may need this if you mess up.
  5. Wire cutters. For cutting wires of course.

Once you have all of that we are ready to start modifying.
I did a similar setup to what appears to be the exact same model of wireless headphones by soldering in a DC power jack instead of the battery compartment. The only problem is that now whenever I use the headphones, I get an annoying 60-cycle hum (from the AC adapter). I'm still trying to figure out a way to remove the 60-cycle hum. Sugestions?
Sorry it took a bit to respond I have been busy. I would sugest that you buy some of those cheap snap on ferrite chokes and put one on each end of the audio input cable. That should help cut down on the electromagnetic interference. Let me know if that helps, if it doesn't tell me and I will think of something else.
I don't want to sound like a nagging-Nancy Killjoy, but by increasing the range of a regulated transmitting device, you could be fined by whatever consititues the regulatory authority in your particular locale (probably the FCC), especially if it generates any interference on your neighbour's TV or radio - or even their cordless 'phone for that matter...Just sayin', so don't shoot the messenger...
Well actualy I would worry about that but I live in the country so my nearest neighbor is about a half mile away. So I don't think this is going to interfere at all. But I probablly should add a disclaimer in the instructable. <br> <br>Thanks for your concern.

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