Mods and Texture Packs in Minecraft Pocket Edition


Introduction: Mods and Texture Packs in Minecraft Pocket Edition

This Instructable will teach you how to get mods and texture packs in minecraft pocket edition.

Step 1: 1. Download Necessary Apps/programs

A.) You will need to download minecraft pocket edition from google play ( if your a kindle user Amazon appstore.)

B.) Next you will need to download blocklauncher from google play (or if your a kindle user an alternate appstore, i suggest one mobile market. The reason we are sideloading is because amazon appstore only has blocklauncher pro.)

C.) Find (and download) a mod which you like from a website.

Step 2: Running Your Mod

A.) Now open Blocklauncher, click on the wrench on the top of the screen. Choose: Patch mods in game. Now click Import, go into downloads and choose your mod.

B.) Next click: Manage modpe scripts, Tap on the mod and select: "enable"

Step 3: Play!

Enjoy your new mod! :)

Step 4: Texture Packs

A.) make sure you have the apps from step one.

B.) Open blocklauncher, click the wrench. Now click launcher options, next tap where it says texture pack.

C.) choose your texture pack



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    Mind if I ask what operating system you have? If I know that I may be able to help.

    This Is very good I am a minecraft lover but did not know how to use mods on MCPE till now.