These r some mods for Burrito_Master's SCAR 11.01. This will include: a grenade launcher,a hidden grenade launcher, extra mag holder, 27 round mag, a scope, hidden grenade ammo storage, and new stronger handle. I'm now working on a blue rod conversion kit, so u fire the lighter blue rods instead of the yellow/grey rods.

Mods include:
Scope/with mount
bigger mag
new handle
grenade launcher (external)
grenade launcher (internal)
grenade hidden ammo storage
extra mag holder

In the Future:
If you want me to post the rail and strengthened ram please say so.


New pics of rifle (V.2)

Step 1: The New Grip

This is the new grip (its the 1 from Gorkem's rifle)
1- make this
2- attach them together
3- Change to this
4- add the handle
use this scope<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Awesome-Knex-scope-And-A-idea-im-working-on/
you press the button that says caps lock -_-
wow... was i high when i wrote that?
probably -_-
what is its range/power
does this use alot of pieces
yes he moded it and it uses more knex then the orginal
the only thing thatr i like is the grenade launcher 4* ;)<br/>
Also I made the hgl on top cuz it first whas shooting to it, And after i put on top i put nice looking bar on top and made nicer front now it shoots good and is COOOOLLL xD
Hey iff you see this message Errm mayby can you make a bipod for this gun xD ? well anyway thx for the nice updates but BIPOD wouldt be greate xD !
I build the HGL And it,s GREATE hehe THX MAN !!
peice count plz
all the mods i have on here are 40 peices or less except for the HGL (hidden Grenade launcher) and the hidden ammo storage
wow thats a huge improvement
i like it alot more than the first, but now on the main page i have a pic of the whole gun with HGL on it
I like everything exept the grenade launcher.
yeah thats why i now have a hidden grenade launcher in the barrel, i might've put a pic of it in the page but if i didn't I'll add one soon (check step 4)
Oh Ok. That one looks a lot better.
um please make it a bit smaller cause thats kinda too big
make what smaller
everything, by that i mean the whole gun
O, i could try making the gun smaller, but I'm working on a couple of other projects
okily dokily
um.... never mind. its a great or make that a awesome gun.
aint built yet but looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Thats my handle xD
it could be, I saw it on gorkems
i really like ur gun <br/>tell me what you think of mine?<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/TRUELY-semi-auto-knex-gun/">https://www.instructables.com/id/TRUELY-semi-auto-knex-gun/</a><br/>
your gun looks pretty cool, i like the fact that it is a true semi, but to fix the rear butt problem of bending you could fit a thumb hole stock like on my 22-250 mod page to your gun.
its not mine, its burrito masters but i created the mods for it
The hidden grenade launcher thing is cool, though. I'm not sure I like the grenade launcher, though. Having the grip made it look cooler and now it's a bit hard to carry. Also, the magazine is WAY too big. I know you want it to hold a lot, but still... Why didn't you finish making the gun?
now the grenade launcher and extra mag have been posted, and I did finsih the gun I just thought there could be some cool things u can add to it
just wait, i'm going to post the pics for the hidden gren. and the extra mag holder (its for the mags that are the size of the origonal
Uh, what are you talking about. The handle the Burrito Master made was much stronger than this handle, and it was VERY comfortable...
ok cool but it hardly looks like the real one any more the handle was built special for the gun to make it realistic. :( well call it the scar 11.02 and that would work.
your right that these mods take away some of the looks but the handle to me is stronger and the grenade things make it a little more fun
True. Actually it would be the scar 11.06 because you gave it 5 changes.
Yeah, but i'm considering these mods as one kit

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