Mods to Nazgul's Crossbow Pistol





Introduction: Mods to Nazgul's Crossbow Pistol

These are just a few mods to Nazgul's crossbow pistol. These mods are simple. You're going to want to build the crossbow pistol first. The gun is here

Step 1: Change the Firing Pin/trigger

just follow the pictures. these mods "beef up" the trigger, making it more break resistant. it also makes the firing more reliable.

Step 2: (optional)Lower the Scope

follow the pic.

Step 3: Increase Stock Durability

follow the pic.

Step 4: Adding the Foregrip

follow the pic, as usual.

Step 5: Adding Support to the "bow"

first of all, change the gray rod to a sturdy black rod. Then, follow the pics.

Step 6: All Done!

Your crossbow pistol has been successfully modified. Congratulations. Please feel free to comment. I can deal with bad comments, so be honest.



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    8 Discussions

    could you show a more backed up pic of the trigger, I can't fit it into the green connecters near the stock (the ones holding a small white rod with blue berrings

    no not yet..... I think i have not enough yellows.... mmmmm..... maybe break my sr-v1.....

    thanks. it could still use a little work, though.(both the mods and my instructable)