Introduction: Mods to ''knex Rubberband Repeater That Uses Gears''

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Paperninja made an incredible knex rbg. I decided to mod it, and post it for you guys to see, or maybe even do. You can make the original gun here. Here's the slide show!

Also, please no comments like, this remind me of skorpion! or, This reminds me of the nerf raider! Please don't, and i know this looks nothing like either of them.

EDIT: Also, credits to knex_gun_builder for the handle.


thehoyboy (author)2011-04-18

good job/ITS AMAZING

skyfaller (author)2011-03-21

Thanks! :D

~KGB~ (author)2011-03-13

its ok

skyfaller (author)~KGB~2011-03-20

Did you rate it? And thanks.

~KGB~ (author)skyfaller2011-03-20

yes, 4* no prob =D

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Bio: Finally got a bit of knex, but i don't jknow what to build! im thinking of posting something, but still thinking if i should.
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