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Introduction: Mods to the Knex Rifle

About: Hey there,I am just a guy that likes to play horn in band and likes to hang out with my friends and I like to call myself a knex gunsmith.

I added some mods to this gun. If you made the knex rifle, well come and see what you can do to improve it! Don't forget to comment.

Step 1: Mod 1. the New Trigger.

1. make trigger.
2.add to the grey connector.

Step 2: Mod 2. First String Guide.

Add a red or grey connector on the bottom of th firing pin.

Step 3: Mod 3. Hand Grip.

Do what it shows in the pic. Don't forget the blue rod to keep it together.

Step 4: Mod 4.second String Guide.

behinnd the string is a small grey rod to keep it together.

Step 5: Mod Trigger Mech.

Add the grey connector the end of the block trigger. After you finish that, go back in the steps and see where the string goes.

Step 6: Mod 6.barrel Addings.

Don't forget to put a blue piece behind the four connectors in the second pic.

Step 7: Mod 7. (opt.) Bullet Blocker

This is optional but you don't have to.
1.make pieces.
2.put piece on.
3.add grey rod to hold.

CONGRATS! You finished the mods to the gun. Well,ENJOY!



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    Umm, I'm not sure what makes a bolt action gun, a bolt action gun but ya. The front handle doesn't have much complexity to it, and I'm not a big fan of the string to a block trigger to make a true trigger, but 3 an a half stars for effort!

    7 replies

    a bolt action requires you to pull a bolt back and push it forward again to load - this isn't bolt action

    Just face it. There's never going to be a TRUE bolt action.

    This gun was made 6 years ago, still 2 years after I posted that comment

    Well, ok, that's a nerf longshot type bolt action, but i guess it counts.

    this gun you just pull the ram back like every other gun nothing special



    Not great, but not bad either. 3.0.