Picture of Modular Abode Embellishment Device
This is a simple upcycling decoration! Never waste toilet paper or gift wrap tubes again! Makes a great gift for a grandma who likes homemade stuff. Also, if you make a bunch, I'm sure they would look really cool on your wall. Thanks for reading!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
• Empty gift wrap tube
• White electric tape (or any other means of attachment)
• Thread or ribbon
• Spray paint
• Craft knife or scissors

Step 2: Where to get Materials

• Wrapping for Christmas, and run out of wrapping paper? Don’t throw that tube away! Don’t let your dog play with it! Save it!
• Whenever there is a little bit of tape left on a roll that seems to be too short to be usable, put it aside for a project like this.
• Much like the tape, if you have just enough thread left or ribbon left on a spool to seem useless, you will have just enough for this.
• After a major paint job on a horse trailer, my mom had a little bit of 4 colors of spray paint left. I used up the last of two bottles for this. Buying fresh cans is unnecessary.

Step 3: Loop Creation

Picture of Loop Creation
1) Using the craft knife, score every 1⁄16  to 1⁄4 inch along the gift wrap tube. Consistency in size is unnecessary as long as the size is in this range.
2) Use the scissors to cut the scores around the entire tube, forming small loops. For this design (which is open to modification), you will need 32 loops.
3) After all loops are cut, fold each one on opposite ends to create a football shape.