Picture of Modular Magnetic Organizer
Not long ago, I made a desktop organizer that incorporated small succulent planters. Even though I loved the way it turned out, I felt it could be improved. I realized I wanted something similar, but was more modular, that allowed me to rearrange it for specific needs. Inspired by my previous desktop organizer instructable and Tegu magnetic toys, I combined these two concepts and created the Modular Magnetic Organizer.

I made two different organizers, one for a desk or table top and one that mounts to the wall. The wall-mounted organizer was inspired by the concept of a bulletin board, but incorporated plant life and organizational features. Both organizers feature a clock, pen and pencil holders, small flower vases, cell phone holders, planters of various sizes, and small containers for different organizational needs.

Step 1: Designing the Organizer

Picture of Designing the Organizer
  • Wall-mounted organizer
  • Desktop Organizer
  • Pieces attach together via magnets, on a grid
  • Hide magnets as much as possible
  • Made with a variety of hardwoods

Desk Organizer
  • Pen/Pencil Holder
  • Large Planter - the central piece all the magnetic organizers snap to
  • Small Planter
  • Teensy Planter or Tray
  • Test Tube Flower Vase
  • Large Tray
  • Small Trays
  • Clock
  • Phone Holder
Wall Organizer
  • This wall organizer would have the same organizational features as the desk organizer (listed above) with the addition of a cork board and room for extra magnets to hang photos, etc.

Love this. Reminds me of a Megazord from Powerrangers :)<3

lafnbear1 year ago
Amazing! Favorited & Pinned!
zfleaf1 year ago
your work is so cool.
Mielameri1 year ago
So clever! And love the natural element to it; the zen approach to organization!
tessalene (author) 1 year ago
Prasmussen - that would work great too. I just wanted everything to snap on a grid rather than free form, which is why I did the individual magnets.
prasmussen1 year ago
Nice Work. An idea for the board just take a sheet of metal and cover with veneer. Wouldnt the magnets still be strong enough to hold and give you more freedom for placing??
fozzy131 year ago
*Sigh* I miss the Instructables shop so much. You're doing some awesome projects though. This is a cool idea.
Natalina1 year ago
This turned out so well. Awesome job!
I just loved this! I want one!
Soooo beautiful! Great work, and excellent documentation and instructions. NAILED IT! <3 Here's a bunny.

What a cool idea, great job!! :)