This will show you step by step, with photos( a million of the dang things) how to fold this dragon I designed. It may look complicated but trust me, if you can fold a crane you can make this easy. It only looks complicated. Due to time I had to assign multiple pictures to each. Sorry to all the non pro members out there. if enough people want it I will do a video tutorial on the dragon. Let me know what you think.If you have any questions let my know,I will try to answer them as best that i can. Cheers!...     I will post another instructable on this that will be easier for the non pro community members to use. Sorry guys, I had to do it this was to get everything done in time for the contest.


Step 1: Gathering Supplies

  • This is going to be a busy project. To complete it you will need:

1.  Paper
                   -5 or 6 sheets of regular printer paper, (20lb - 24lb weight) 8.5x11 or type A4, it doesnt metter we will be cutting it.
                     The paper can be colored, or you can paint it when we are done :D
2. paper glue.
                  -Elmer makes an amazing craft bond that you can get at any decent art store. if you cannot get any then regular white glue will                       work fine. Wood glue works very well too but the dry time will be much longer.
3. Cutting tools,
                  -if you have a paper cutter then you are in luck, otherwise an exacto knife and a ruler will work. I definately do not recommed                     using scissors for this.
4. Spraypaint or Clearcoat 

<p>Thank you so much for the clear and easy to follow instructions!</p>
<p>this was fun and cookies your feet are upside down</p>
I loved this one! :D Take a look at my attempt.. the colouring didn't really go all that good. It's my second attempt at Modular Origami, the first one being a swan.
holy crap <br /> <br />that is an awesome origami dragon. <br /> <br />and the best tutorial for one. <br /> <br />thank u very much for this. <br /> <br />u r a oragami master. :D
Great instructable!!!!!!! tried it, and here is my model, I posted it on Deviantart:<br><br>http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&amp;section=&amp;q=rasguitos#/d4s0m7w
Nice job on the idea but for the neck how many units do ya use u didnt say and how did u paint blak and red without it lookin like the paint cans exploded<br>
lol thats just a trick of the light. it is just a light coat of red paint, one is a half hearted manner. The color showing through makes it look black in this pick. <br>As for the number of units...... ummmmmmmm...... a bunch? yeah, that sounds about right. :D <br>
cutting the papers is easy but when it comes to folding it is so hard but when assembling it all it was SO EASY!!!, by the way thanks for sharing this
This is actually a lot easier to make than it looks. It's not hard just time consuming. Folding all those papers takes a long time! By the time I was done my fingers hurt, but it was so worth it. Your an amazing person for thinking up something as cool as this! ^_^ <br> <br>(As soon as I paint mine I will get a picture posted.) <br>
omg 120 more how long did this take you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :)
For me it took about 10 hours to make all up
You made a typo here saying: &quot;stick on the clay unit. its that easy&quot;, nut did you mean to say claw unit?
I am really going to attempt to make this! Good Job!!!!!!! <br>
Good luck, if you have any questions i will try my best to answer them.
Heres my finished attempt. I added some small wings on it. I ended up using 106 little rectangles, 3 sheets of paper, 5 hours and 100 ml of glue. I am also going to spray paint it gold when i get the chance and put eyes on it and maybe some fire coming out of its mouth.
[EDIT] <br>It may have only been 10 ml of glue, not 100!
well done! <br>
And here is the golden version, just by itself at the moment. Will add details at a later date
Two thumbs way up! Thank you for sharing this it is impressive!
Oh my goodness, this is incredible. Thank you for sharing this!!

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