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This is a two-phase process for creating a Flower Element from Modular Origami Units. The video is nearly 9 minutes long and shows in detail me making the two identical pieces and fitting them together. If you have any problems following the video, just send me a message with a tip on what I should do to improve the instructions. I think I may edit this posting later to include a printable PDF which shows still images of the 3D models I created in Maya and Houdini for this instructable.

At the end of the video is a still image of the complete Flower that can be made from 4 or 8 of these Flower Elements combined with a cuboctahedron as the heart of the flower (I don't know the proper botanical term) and a rectangular style variation of the cuboctahedron. Those I have not created in this video but instructions for making them are pretty easy to find. (TIP: Search for MetroCard Origami on YouTube, Pinterest, or Flickr).

Step 1: Printable Template

Picture of Printable Template

This template is made from a US Letter sized paper (8.5x11 inches)... The triangular sections define the folds... The dashed lines are there to help you get the 3/4ths proportion required by the piece. You can cut off the top 1/4th part or just start with a full card/paper the size of the 3/4ths section.... US Credit Card sized paper and NYC MetroCards can be used to make this, they are the correct proportions already. You will need 2 complete units that interlock with one another. If you need help, consult the video first and if you still need help after that, send me a message either here or on the YouTube page as a comment in the video.


Swansong (author)2017-03-08

Thanks for sharing :)

realdjthink (author)Swansong2017-03-08

Thank you Swansong! You are welcome and let me know if you try it yourself one day....

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