This is an origami swan made of about 500 paper triangles that fit together like legos. this took me about a week to finish.
JeDi RuLeS made it!1 year ago

Just finished making it.........

It looks great........... Kind of like made from Ivory..........

Planning to do some more projects of this kind...........

Thanks for the good work......

Syyeda2 years ago
Superb !!! :)
Frowney0013 years ago
I made a Dragon - Not finished though

The worst part is making the modules
This is just wonderful! It looks like it's made of plaster or marble! :)
an11534 years ago
brett1215744 years ago
can you please make instructions? im making 500 golden venture triangles right now but dont know how to size the base and wings but i can count the head and the rings. PLEASE HELP!!
T_T_ (author)  brett1215744 years ago
poofrabbit4 years ago
I am always very impressed by people who can do origami well. Voted for you for the I made it! Good luck!
jamiec534 years ago
Just, wow.

How do you make the triangles?
T_T_ (author)  jamiec534 years ago
jamiec53 T_T_4 years ago
Thanks. Nice instructable btw :)
pudgytaco4 years ago
how do u make the tiny triangles which the swan consists of? nice work though
T_T_ (author)  pudgytaco4 years ago
pudgytaco T_T_4 years ago
alexw21504 years ago
I'll try it, it looks amazing.
chicopluma4 years ago
lieve4 years ago
I think it's amazing. Very nice work!