A while back I had an idea when i saw a sort of pillow wall (movie, series, can't remember). Wouldn't it be cool to have that on your wall as well? But just sawing out a panel, drilling a few holes in it, filling it with foam and upholstering it with a fabric, leather, old curtains or whatever... That might be a tad boring for me. Nice, but not quite it for me.
What if you made it modular. Different panels, different panel-sizes. different materials, colors, textures etc

I ran the idea by the review committee (the better half) and she was on board!
And, here is the end-result, of which i can proudly say, our first project together:

Step 1: Modular, How?

Think panels. Panels which can be hung from something, a frame. Frame should be light-weight though. Panels should be able to hang up like picture-frames or something.

Well, first things first: size, the table is 90cm wide, so we decided to a max size of a 110 or 120cm.
It became a 120cm: panels of 30x30 or 60x30. 

Hanging them was the next challenge. I decided that hanging them on an aluminum U-frame would be best. Just drill 2 screws in a panel and hang them on a U-beam. Since it's supposed to be modular, you should be able to rotate the panels as well. That would be easy enough, by putting in 4 screws. 

That's really pretty i might try that
Please do and show it off too!
Ha Ha!

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