Around here I have more odds and ends than I know what to do with. I used to keep it in piles strewn about our tiny apartment until my fed up girlfriend came up with a solution to make the room a little more organized.

It basically involved drinking a lot of bottled water and using the jugs the water came in to store stuff. Using her method, not only do you get a $2 rugged modular plastic storage bin, but you also get 2 gallons worth of drinkable water for free. I highly advocate such a storage system. Especially if you are overrun by small parts.

Step 1: Drink water

Before you can even consider starting to store stuff in the plastic water jugs, you have to drink the water they're holding. It's recommended that you drink 8 full glasses of water a day. However, drinking a little more than that will not hurt you and may, in fact, be beneficial. If there are two people drinking water from the container, you should be able to go through one in about two to three days.
My grandpa has been using this storage strategy for like 30 years!
<p>This seems like a good idea for college kids to have some sort of organization in their dorm room, but for any other person, I think IKEA will probably have something that looks a bit better in terms of aesthetics!</p>
<p>Yeah, not too bad, but I like this concept with the hollow pipes, or big cans instead. More aesthetic in my view. </p>
<p>This is sooooooooooo cool!!!!!! I am so doing it. I am in a real need of somee good organising. I wonder if it would work with two litre milk bottles...?</p>
<p>Interesting storage idea! I would personally prefer cubbies with a little more space, but in a bid to be environmentally friendly...</p>
Good idea!
I wonder if this would work with plain old milk jugs?
Too much water can kill you.
Yes, about 8 gallons in five minutes will kill you. Even if you drank one entire jug of water, nothing bad would happen, besides frequent visits to the bathroom. BTW, ANYTHING can kill you.
I read up on it after the lady died, I think it's actually closer to 15-20 in an hour.
These guys are barely drinking one every 3 days, so there's no cause for worry...
I'm just saying, don't to try to get all these containers in one day.
haha. Yea, I hope most people have THAT much sense.
I don't know, did you hear about the death during the radio contest? She died after drinking 20 gal of water. Stupid people.
People are morons
To the author, Great work! Simple concept, simple solution, very elegant.<br> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> <br> bassclarinet23 says:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Apr 4, 2009. 8:00 AM<br> <strong>&quot;People are morons&quot;</strong><br> <br> DIY-GUY replies-<br> I totally agree! In fact I competely understand how you say <strong>people are mor...</strong> uh, hmm...<br> HEY WAIT A MINUTE! I'M ONE OF THOSE <strong>&quot;<em>people</em>&quot; </strong>too!
stupid? Cmon now there was a valuable Wii at stake there!!&nbsp;haha<br />
dude you're about 10 months late on the joke, bud<br />
That why they have the dates.<br />
I hope she didn't say &quot;I could just die for a wii&quot; right before.<br />
<em>Yo'all are just being silly now. Course you dont drink it all at once. lol.</em><br/>
Wow, I know that it only takes like a gallon to kill a baby.
only if u drown
No, to much water makes you 'whiz' out all your nutrients. Do it&nbsp;enough and you'll die like an anorexic person.&nbsp;Mal-nutrition and Starvation!
Actually water has no effect on the nutrients. It's a common misconception, but if you urine collor simply indicates how much of the nutrients your body doesn't use.<br /> The extra water is similar to dehydration, because it removes the salt from your body, similar to what happens when you sweat and don't get electrolytes.<br />
It's not the water that kills you, it's running out of air. (like the falling one)
This reminds me of some knock-down furniture book ideas I found in the late 70's. Here is a link to one of the best books ever on the topic. <br>http://www.abebooks.com/products/isbn/039470228X - Nomadic Furniture by James Hennesy and Victor Papanek<br>Your waterjug idea is great (except it's better not to use bottled water if the local stuff is safe to drink, right? Unless of course you need the bottles for storage.)<br>
i checked those books out from the library on Fort Sill when my ex-husband was in the Army. i loved them so much that later, when the web became a real thing, i bought copies from someone on eBay. :) i still use ideas from them in my home.
I'm seeing cheap and easy shoe storage! Thanks for the post.
:D Same here! We don't have those water jugs but our cat litter comes in a similar shaped container. Sturdy plastic too! My shoes will have homes now lol.
I like the idea of using magnets between them but that might not be strong enough, if they are cheap enough magnets. However you could slot a wooden bar through the handles and stack the rows, or hang each row from ordinary shelf brackets - or even the ceiling. I think these containers are polypropylene, which doesn't glue very easily.
Hmmm, I wonder if these could be welded together. The string idea is elegant, no doubt about that, but I've used those hot-air plastic welding guns, and it might be that this sort of plastic is a weldable sort. You just cut strips from the part you cut out for the hole and use the strips as welding rod.
couldn't you just super glue it? it would help more and it would stick together longer and stronger.
You could... but aside from seeing the glues spots, this way I can easily swap, rearrange, replace, redesign and move the entire unit.
good point (i are stupedo)
Superglue is also rather fragile. Likes to crack and chip over time. If you were going to glue, maybe epoxy or hot spot would be better. Though I prefer the modular nature as well. Perhaps snap rivets (if you don't mind seeing the spots) so you could pop them together. Wouldn't be too cheap though. But just a long term idea.
Goop would do the trick. It's a nice all purpose flexible adhesive.
it's still a real cool instructable :)
I totally agree, if I didn't give that impression, it was unintentional.
I have been amazed lately with all the creative ways people are re-using plastic bottles and food containers - of all descriptions. Great idea. I like the modular aspect.
i just tried super gluing them and it didnt work. the glue just gummed up... :(
Why not take the spout off and cut the opening out on the back side. That would look a lot neater.
How about a nut and bolt between each bottle, horizontally and vertically?<br>Or a pop-rivet with a couple of spreader washers?<br><br>These water bottles are not common here, we can drink our tap water.<br>
Cool idea. I have those jugs myself, and I have just decided what I'll do with mine using YOUR idea: KITTY CONDO! :) I have a feeling they are gonna love it....only it will be a smaller version of what you created (4 on the bottom row, 3 on the next, two above that and then a single on the top. Pyramid-shaped, in other words, that is &quot;stepped&quot; on the sides so the cats can run up and down.) It will be outside and I will tie it to my porch posts for stability. Thanks for the idea!
Love it! And to think I have been recycling my water jugs! NO MORE! Storage bins shall be made!
Same here. No more trips to the recycle center for those large water jugs.
aweasome instructable, bery clever !!!!
I have no idea who's idea this was originally, but when I saw this, my mind went into a whirl wind of ideas of things that could be stored like this, especially craft supplies, embroidery thread, buttons,tiny doll accessories such as the Polly Pockets or the action type figures and all of those tiny little things that kill your feet when stepped upon etc... !!!! :-). These would be great for a child's room. Instead of investing good money into cubbies,(which by the way can be climbed on, drawn on etc...) why not use this method to introduce orginization when the child is in those early learning stages, and once you have accomplished that, then as they grow a little older, go out and purchase those nice cubbies or storage bins. After all if they get damaged, there won't be any big loss and won't cost you an arm and a leg to replace. Thanks so much for posting this. I can't wait to show this idea to my granddaughter, and decorating them to their liking will be hours of fun, while being constructive at the same time.Thanks again ! :-) :-) :-)

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