Step 3: Bundle the jugs

Picture of Bundle the jugs
Once you have completed four water jugs, you want to start bundling them together so that you can begin stacking them without worrying about the whole thing collapsing.

The 2 gallon jugs fortunately have two grooves that can be used to tie them together. I used some basic white string that I got at the hardware store.

I wrapped the string completely around the outside of the front groove on all of the four containers. On one end of the string I tied a loop using a figure-8 knot (although, any old knot should do). With the other end, I cut the line a little long and pulled the extra string through the loop I just made. I made sure the string was in the grooves all the way around the four containers. Then I folded the string all the way back and tied it onto the taught part of the string using a slipknot. I pulled this knot to make sure the bundle was very tight.

To begin with, I would then glue the slipknot in place using hot glue, but I later realized that this wasn't necessary.

I then repeated this process for the other groove until there were 2 taught bands wrapped around the whole bundle.
Dragonbone4 years ago
I like the idea of using magnets between them but that might not be strong enough, if they are cheap enough magnets. However you could slot a wooden bar through the handles and stack the rows, or hang each row from ordinary shelf brackets - or even the ceiling. I think these containers are polypropylene, which doesn't glue very easily.
couldn't you just super glue it? it would help more and it would stick together longer and stronger.
i just tried super gluing them and it didnt work. the glue just gummed up... :(
randofo (author)  hannahheartsyou7 years ago
You could... but aside from seeing the glues spots, this way I can easily swap, rearrange, replace, redesign and move the entire unit.
good point (i are stupedo)
jessa6 years ago
milk jugs! great idea for those of us who don't buy our water. would it be better to cut out the handle portion, or leave the handle and cut out a different side? since milk jugs don't have those built-in grooves what would be the best way to make them modular (connect them together)? and to think i have spent all that wasted money on those little plastic drawers at walmart. jessathewolf
This is a great idea for starving students (my son). You could also use milk jugs if you don't get bottled water. Way to go neat idea!