Step 14: Color Coding the Shelves

Con los mismos colores utilizados en PASO 9, traspasa el número de la tabla correspondiente a la base de cada sacado de tal manera que todas las esquinas de las repisas tengan un sólo color y repite para las otras esquinas con un color diferente.  Cada grupo de esquinas de las repisas corresponde a un color diferente, que a su vez, corresponde a los colores de los listones.
Very well designed system of construction!
Thanks. If you&acute;re interested in how the idea came to be, you might want to check out this<br><br>http://issuu.com/Foozledesign/docs/informe_titulo_v3-51/53<br><br>The text is in spanish, but i&acute;m hoping the images speak for themselves.
very interesting building idea and a very cool looking finished project
THanks for the comment. This project is something i&acute;ve been working on for a while... i&acute;m really pleased you enjoyed the final result.

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