Picture of Modular gun safe barrel blox
So a while back I picked up a safe for my guns. It came with a carpet covered rack. I didin't like it so much because of the fact that it was made to fit rifles without optics.

In this project, we're going to make our own barrel blox to accommodate different sized rifles. We can move these barrel blox around the safe since they are magnetic and also have a modular function.

Techshop has great design software such as Autodesk Inventor. I also had to use their Maker Bot Replicator 3d printer which is now one of my favorite tools Techshop has. 
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Step 1: Tacticool weapons.

Picture of Tacticool weapons.
Here is the safe with the stock barrel rack. Not so supportive. It will hold your grandpa's gun but not the new fancy shmancy tacticool ninjafied weaponry of today. Its ok, we can build something better. 

Step 2: Design

Picture of Design
So I used Autodesk Inventor for designing the shape and dimensions of my barrel blox. After that, I exported the design as an STL file so that replicator G can use it. Here's a tip, when exporting to . STL, make sure you select mm from the advance menu to get the exact size from your original file. 

Now that it is exported, open up the .STL file on replicator g. Place on platform then click model to g code on the screen. Once that is done, I transferred the file to an SD card. It should be an .s3g file.

Step 3: Print!!!

Picture of Print!!!
Ok now for the fun part. Let's get this puppy building on the Replicator. I put some cut up cardboard in the openings of the 3d printer to make sure no ambient air gets to it and lift up your print. 

Step 4: Magnetize!

Picture of Magnetize!
Now that its printed, I used 1/2" x 1/8" magnets to super glue on the back of the barrel blox. Don't get too excited! Wait for the glue to dry before installing the barrel blox in the safe.