Introduction: Modular Origami Sculpture: 6 Rectangular Prisms

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This is a sculpture made of 6 rectangular prisms, forming a cube.

The folding is very easy, as well as the weaving, the only hard bits are attaching the last few pieces of paper in the end.

This model is obviously done without glue :)

Ok lets get started!

What you will need:

6 pieces of A4 paper, in 6 different colours (if you wish).
Tea, music and time

Step 1: Getting Started

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Start with you A4 page white side up.

Make lines 4cm apart lengthwise.

On each of those lines, mark on 5cm, 13cm and 25cm.

Step 2:

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Draw the lines at the marks you made in the previous step, and cut them out.

You should now have 4 of each: 4cmx5cm, 4cmx8cm, 4cmx12cm. Note that the ratios are important, not the sizes. You want 1:1,25, 1:2 and 1:3, and you can use whatever paper size you want.

Each piece of paper will get you one rectangular prism.

Step 3:

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Fold in 4 lengthwise.

Fold the bottom left corner to the 3/4 line, as shown. Fold the bottom right corner up to the same line.

Step 4:

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Fold the left hand edge in and the flap over, making the pocket.


Repeat on the other side.

Step 5:

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Flat model should look like this. Note that this is the smallest of the pieces of paper, the longer ones will obviously be, well, longer.

Fold in half lengthwise towards you and unfold again.

Step 6:

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The flaps!
Fold as shown, and repeat on the other side.

Step 7:

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Fitting the bits together.
The flap of on piece goes into the pocket of another piece. Stick 3 together to make a nice corner.

Step 8:

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Stick your bits together to make a nice rectangular shape, as shown.

Make 2 prisms and put them next to each other.

Step 9:

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3rd prism

Step 10: Fourth Prism

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Once you've added the fourth prism, turn the model sideways as shown.

Step 11: Finals

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5th and 6th are self explanatory :)
Getting the flaps inside the pockets here can be tricky, as you don't have much space to work with.

Well done!


GlebP made it! (author)2014-08-28

This one is the best of your tutorials,i think

joettle (author)GlebP2014-08-28

Thanks, looks great!
Glad you enjoyed it!

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