Introduction: Molasses Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

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a great twist on ice cream sandwiches--Molasses Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. All you need to do is make the cookies, and put on the ice cream, as I demonstrate in the pictures below. Here's my recipe for molasses cookies on instructables: Holiday Molasses Cookies.

Have fun baking!

Step 1: Ingredients

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Vanilla Ice Cream

Molasses Cookies (2 per cookie)

Step 2: Creating the Sandwich

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Press one scoop of ice cream on the side of one molasses cookie. Then sandwich it between the top molasses cookie.

Step 3: Done!

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markstutzman (author)2015-11-09

I make something similar, with Ginger-Molasses cookies, and homemade Cinnamon ice cream...

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