Picture of Moldable Fabric for Doll Clothes

When I was young, I wanted to make clothes for my dolls, but I had neither the skill nor the attention span to sew outfits. Now that I have girls of my own, I watch one of my daughters trying to drape pieces of fabric over and around her dolls, then get frustrated when they don't stay in the position she wants. Other times, Lilith will take pieces of play doh or polymer clay and shape them over her plastic dolls to make clothes. The clay will stick to the doll and stay in position, but it's not very cloth-like.

Why have I never seen sculptable fabric for little kids to make simple doll fashions? I have no idea... but it's something I'd like to remedy here and now.

I've used the soft wax coated string by Wikki Stix and a couple other companies, and I've made some of my own for my kids. I figured adding soft wax to fabric would work, but sometimes the strings weren't sticky enough to hold together. I needed something more like wax based modeling clay, so I did some research and found this recipe for modeling beeswax:

Lanolin! That's what I needed to add. It's sticky and is easy to incorporate into oil and wax (I've mixed these three ingredients in different amounts to make balm for dry hands). The recipe for modeling wax isn't sticky enough for moldable fabric, so I made some adjustments. Also... beeswax comes in different shapes, so I've come up with a recipe based on weight, rather than volume.

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Much pretty

bmar18 months ago
So pretty!
pices1399 months ago
Now I can finally make my doll a mermaid!!!
supersoftdrink (author)  pices1399 months ago

I would love to see pics when you're done!

I get iridescent cellophane from the dollar store, by the way... it's in the section with the wrapping and tissue paper. (mermaid tails are often iridescent, right?)

Earthlove9 months ago

Great Idea! :)

sunshiine9 months ago

This is such a clever idea! thanks for sharing and do have a great day.


As a small-scale metal sculptor, fabric as a whole has always been my achille's heel. I will have to try this out! Thank you for posting this.

That is so awesome! I wish I had had that when I was younger :D