Hi! I'm Moldover. I make music and I make musical instruments.

I released my first original album (self-titled) as Moldover in 2009. The Awesome Edition of this album came on a CD mounted onto a custom-designed circuit board that is also a musical instrument. This instrument is a simple, self-contained, analog synthesizer called a Light-Theremin.

I enjoy helping people learn how to make cool stuff, so I also created the "DIY Awesome Edition" of the album, which is essentially a kit so you can make your own Light-Theremin. This instructable will teach you how to assemble one of these kits, and you'll learn some basic soldering skills in the process. For more info about the original project and a demonstration of the Light-Theremin, watch the video above. if you'd like to order a kit, or some of the other cool things I make, please visit my webstore.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Tools

To assemble your Light Theremin kit, I recommend the following tools:

  • Soldering iron (15 - 30 watt irons are good for small electronics)
  • Moist sponge (used to clean excess solder from your iron)
  • Solder (I use rosin core, 60% tin / 40% lead, .032 inch diameter solder)
  • Flush cutters (flush cuts are necessary to fit the finished Light-Theremin into the CD jewel case)

If you have not soldered before don't worry, it's easy! The basics are briefly covered here. If you want a little practice before you start building your Light Theremin, there are several good instructables that will teach you, or you can learn from the wonderful Soldering is Easy comic book.

<p>Awesome idea!</p>
<p>Moldover, You sir are a mad genius. Not sure why i'm just not discovering you. I've been into controllers for so long it's weird you never popped up on my YouTube till yesterday. Thanks for destroying my work productivity this week but also for giving me new hope in the musical world which I've been slacking on hardcore. </p>
<p>fantastic! :D</p>
<p>Moldover, you get my highest compliment-<br>&quot;I wish I had invented that!&quot;<br>VERY well done.</p>
<p>Does it has any uses using this?</p>
<p>I like the packaging.</p>
<p>A project like this is too much for my lazy butt you got my votes....</p>
<p>still have mine from your workshop years later. First thing I ever soldered.</p>
<p>Best CD case ever! </p>
<p>This is really cool. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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