Molecular Gastronomy - Honey Caviar

video Molecular Gastronomy - Honey Caviar
Everything you need to experiment at home:
lbresler made it!8 months ago

Awesome, I really want to try with honey! I've made something similar with Jack Daniels and Lime Cordial.

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dafonso11 months ago

How much Agar was in the packet?

MOLECULE-R Flavors (author)  dafonso11 months ago
Hi there! Each agar-agar sachet contains 2 grams of the food additive.
kakashibatosi12 months ago
do you carry sodium diacetate?
MOLECULE-R Flavors (author)  kakashibatosi12 months ago

Hi there! Thanks for the question! We do not carry sodium diacetate at this time, and do not plan on doing so in the future.