This little book is a necessity for those who need to jot down ideas at a moments notice. There is no real deficiency in design here, although it could become alternately used as a pseudo wallet. This modification will allow a small amount of cards and money to be contained on the books cover. Another feature is a small ball point pen with sheath. The final enhancement secures the elastic band closure in place, by application of felt surfaces guards to the books cover. These felt dots serve a double feature as corner savers.

Step 1: Acquire the Objects to Integrate.

Dark colored felt surfaces guards
Aluminum card case
Miniature ball point pen
3M double stick foam tape 1inch
Gaffers tape 2inch

The card holder is from Muji (www.muji.net), this can be purchased from their English site categorized under Shopping > Stationery > Desk Accessories card holders
The pen is a Retro 1951 brand passport model, no online sale has been found for this particular model. Use any small checkbook pen with a cylindrical shape, just plan ahead for the sheaths placement on the book cover. Here's a tube made from the gaffers tape, this will be a test piece to see if the pen will fit snug. What ever pen is chosen for this mod will become the only pen type to fit.
Very nice - I should make this some time

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