With two simple binder clips, you can make a subtle, effective penholder for your favorite Moleskine!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You'll need two binder clips, each the small kind, one Moleskine or other notebook, and one pen of your choice.
gel pen over a uniball.
Uniball ink is waterproof when dry, gel ink is not.<br /> <br /> ;)<br />
I'm not trying to diss you or anything, but I just don't get it. Why not just slip the pen over the flap on the spine rather than have the added encumbrance of the clips.That would seriously be an improvement because its only 2 steps. 1. grab pen and moleskin, 2. slid pens clip over Molskins spine. its also more symmetrical and works on both hard and soft skins versions as well as bigger versions of the moleskin. I have tried with the pen pictured in this instructable which has a bulkier clip than most pens so it should also work with the majority of pans available. I hope ppl find this helpful. Be well, have a blessed life and day, and if you don't find to to be so than take intelligent action and count your blessings again. -Cheers, Peace, Aloha, P.S.- No matter what they say, when the aliens come, they are not the enemy. (the second 'they' is the aliens, the first 'they' is the government) Duuhhhr...
Well, I see two distinct problems with that Idea. The first problem I foresee is by doing that you are adding encouragement for the spine to leave the notebook, by adding extra weight on it, and secondly, unless you have a "Japanese Album" notebook, it is almost impossible to put the pen into that flap on the spine, in all likelihood, unless your notebook is defective, it will have glue in that portion to secure that cloth bookmark to the book. so unless you want to hurt your 15-20 dollar notebook, I would say the method above is the way to go (unless you want to add having a pen/pencil in your pockets at all times) Good Hunting orn310 P.S. - No matter what you say, when the aliens come (With guns), I am going to be hidden, and safe.
Wow i love this. Great idea!!!
I am so far to cheap to buy a moleskine but use composition notebooks from the dreaded walmart,regular size and the small ones,they now come in PLAIN BLACK!! I do something similar with a bigger binder clip but leave it intact and use it to hold the notebook closed as well as hold my mechanical pencil which I prefer to a pen.Anyway nice instructable definite thumbs up.
I like this. Thanks for thinking of it.
Wow... I never expected to have much feedback! Thanks so much, you guys!
Simple and smart! I likey.
I just tried this out, and I can now cast my pocket-protector aside in disgust. woo hoo!
I definitely approve of the simple ingenuity.

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