Moleskine E-reader Case





Introduction: Moleskine E-reader Case

This is an evolution of rayeath's great e-reader case from a hardback book.

The finished product looks like a sketchbook, so I don't get nervous on the bus flashing my newfangled techy reading gadget around.

Used an old (full) Moleskine notebook in place of a hardback book. I cut out and saved the pages.

Added a layer of padding (soft fabric left over from backing a baby quilt) on the front panel for extra protection.

The Moleskine dimensions fit the nook surprisingly well, but with all the padding it was slightly too thin, so I widened the spine to accommodate the thickness of the nook, elastics, and both fabric panels. (See photo).

Hope you like it!



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    i would try this for my sometek e reader but it dosnt have e-ink so it would heat up quickly.shame, i luurrvvee this project

    I hope you kept the ventilation holes open without padding on the bottom.
    Electronics need to be kept cool otherwise you shorten the lifespan of your gadget.
    On the other hand your case might enhance the ventilation compared to having your e-reader directly on some soft surface like a sofa so it may be OK.

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    yes, the nook has a curved surface on the back which allows lots of airflow. and also, even when holding it in my hands the thing never really gets warm--i suspect e-paper doesn't require all the processing power something like an iPad or laptop would require.