Hello! this should show you how to turn a moleskine sketchbook (an old, used one is best, so you don't waste a new one, as they can get pricey) into a case for your kindle 3rd generation (with a keyboard)

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need.

1. A moleskine sketchbook.

Any sketchbook this size will work, really, doesn't have to be a moleskine, but they do look nice, and have sturdier builds than others I have found. also doesn't have to be a sketchbook, but the thinner paper in notebooks will make this more awkward than it needs to be.

2. A sharp craft knife.

3. Sugru

Whatever colour you like, I used the charcoal/black stuff because it matches my charcoal kindle nicely.

4. Cling film/saran wrap

This will make sense, honest

5. Vaseline

This too.

6. PVA glue/ clear drying thick water based glue

I think it's called craft glue in the US?

7. Some kind of clamps (optional)

8. A bunch of pencils/straight things (also optional)

9. Spray mount or other tacky, non warping adhesive. 

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