First off I'd like to note that there are tons of really nice nook & nook color cases out there for cheaper than the material costs for this project. They're designed by professionals and made by companies who do lots of testing because they don't like being sued when customers return broken electronics. If you're looking for something to protect your android tablet, buy one of these. If you're interested in learning some new fabrication techniques, making something beautiful / unique, and enjoy having fun in the shop please read on :)

      I've had serious gadget envy for the nook color ever since it was announced and as tinkerers, hackers, and developers work on it it just keeps getting better & better. Check out the nook devs wiki here: http://nookdevs.com/Main_Page

      The inspiration for this case comes from the iPad case made by DODO ( www.dodocase.com/products/dodocase-for-ipad ) which is absolutely stunning. When I looked at the standard Moleskine sizes though, it was apparent that I wouldn't be able to use the same bamboo wood type frame and decided to use aluminum instead because I needed something very thing, strong, easy to shape, and I had it laying around my shop.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

- 5x8.25" Molskine sketchbook ( red or black ) - $18 barnes & noble
- 6x18" sheet of aluminum ( 1/32" ? ) - $8 home depot
- 8.5x11" red craft felt - $0.30 michaels craft store
- 5 minute epoxy - $15 michaels craft store
- Bondo body filler - $11 home depot
- Adhesive backed felt ( green 1/64" ) - $23 mcmaster
- white primer spray paint - $3 home depot
- fiberglass - $7 home depot
- Super 77 - $5 home depot

- metal shears
- xacto knife
- metal file
- needle files
- drill & bits
- vice
- clamps
- pliars / vice-grips
- tweezers
- hammer
- dremel with sanding drums & cut-off wheels

I like this, gives me some ideas for when I make a lighted cover for my Sony. an idea for your volume buttons: you could use something that fills the gap, anchored in the center [==+==] so that when you push one end it in turn pushes the appropriate button, that is if they're deep enough to be annoying.
Neat and cool. Great instructable btw.
Just to let you know, the link from Instructable's e-mail says "moleskin." Perhaps you should make a moleskin or Polymole case as well.
Looks great :)
cool, i think i'll make wone for my kindle. <br> Great Idea and very well executed!!
ahh it realy is beautiful. I love Moleskins i have them in lots of shapes and sizes. they are so simplistic but this is just a realy great job. Well done.

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