Moleskine With Android Tablet


Introduction: Moleskine With Android Tablet

EDIT: I changed the disposition of notebook  and the tablet frame. Now the notebook opens to the right (first picture is the more recent).

Well, everyday I carry my notebook and my tablet and It was tedious have to carry 2 seperate things, so I hacked my notebook. The size is perfect for my galaxy tab 7'' android tablet.

This is the final photos since I don't have step by step. But i'll teel u guys how to do it:

1.See how much height the tablet gonna give to the notebook.
2. Add the extra height to spine and bend it (reinforce the new larger spine).
3. Fix the case to tablet in the space that have left with hot glue (for example).
4. Let it dry.



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    This is really amazing! i love the concept. I want to try this with my Motorola Xoom tablet, but i really would like more of a step by step process as to how to make the actual part that holds the tablet. can you help me out?