Picture of Molten Chocolate Baby cakes
Hi My Name Is Aasif Zahir, Im only 15 and i LOVE cooking

I read this recipe on www.nigella.com, As it didn't have detailed step by step instructions with pictures I decided to make it my self and upload pictures of each step

It has a Outer crust and inside its full of Thick liquid chocolate which is absolutely yummy
I have added the link of the original recipe 

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Dark Chocolate.JPG
Vanilla Essense.JPG

50g Soft Unsalted Butter
350g Dark Chocolate
150g Soft Sugar
(I had sugar with big crystals so i blended it to get powdered sugar)
4  Large  Eggs Beaten With A Pinch Of Salt
50g flour
(Plain flour not self rising)
1 Teaspoon Of Vanilla Extract
(I used Vanilla Essence)

mm looks good :)
invento4 years ago
hey whats the meaning of plain four- is it Maida or Atta
aasif.faiz (author)  invento4 years ago
jux plain all purpose wheat flour
how do you measure in grams
ExpatCucina5 years ago
Is it soft in the inside? I have a similar recipe. Maybe we can share and combine the 2...see what it comes out :)

Good instructable!
aasif.faiz (author)  ExpatCucina5 years ago
thnx.. Yp we could try tht
stephen20x65 years ago
Excellent! I'm going to try this. It would be easier if the measurements were in cups / spoons / ounces as well but I can convert them myself.
saritha555 years ago
haha it wuz awesome!!! nywyz u gotta make 1 fr prshn!!!! :P
awz1235 years ago
Looks really Good, but for all of the people who don't use grams as a form of mesurement it may be a good Idea if you convert it to cups and tablespoons etc. aswell. Just my advice... They look Delicious.
Mehehehful5 years ago

slav755 years ago
Выглядит как кексы, надо попробовать!