Hi My Name Is Aasif Zahir, Im only 15 and i LOVE cooking

I read this recipe on www.nigella.com, As it didn't have detailed step by step instructions with pictures I decided to make it my self and upload pictures of each step

It has a Outer crust and inside its full of Thick liquid chocolate which is absolutely yummy
I have added the link of the original recipe 

Step 1: Ingredients


50g Soft Unsalted Butter
350g Dark Chocolate
150g Soft Sugar
(I had sugar with big crystals so i blended it to get powdered sugar)
4  Large  Eggs Beaten With A Pinch Of Salt
50g flour
(Plain flour not self rising)
1 Teaspoon Of Vanilla Extract
(I used Vanilla Essence)

mm looks good :)
hey whats the meaning of plain four- is it Maida or Atta
jux plain all purpose wheat flour
how do you measure in grams
Is it soft in the inside? I have a similar recipe. Maybe we can share and combine the 2...see what it comes out :)<br /> <br /> Good instructable!<br />
thnx.. Yp we could try tht
Excellent! I'm going to try this. It would be easier if the measurements were in cups / spoons / ounces as well but I can convert them myself.
haha it wuz awesome!!! nywyz u gotta make 1 fr prshn!!!! :P
Looks really Good, but for all of the people who don't use grams as a form of mesurement it may be a good Idea if you convert it to cups and tablespoons etc. aswell.&nbsp;Just my advice... They look Delicious.
&nbsp;YUMMMMMM<br /> <br />
Выглядит как кексы, надо попробовать!<br />

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