Monarch Glider


Introduction: Monarch Glider

Print. Build. Liftoff!



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    The print is approximately 190mm x 160mm; I couldn't print it, so I don't know if it flies. The wings are attached to the fuselage, and can't be printed separately. The back The tail, naturally goes in the tail slot, and the smaller piece is place on top in front slot. And the last piece, the pilot's cage has a slot to fit onto the small piece. The back wings look slotted near the tail of the fuselage, so it looks like it might break free, so the flaps might work. However, the wings are completely flat, and aren't shaped for lift, neither are the back wings. So, close but no go.

    If I have time, I may modify this model to print on a 100mm x 100mm bed, with wings printed separately. I would add lift to the front and back wings, and the same for the rudder. Maybe, add a hook in the front of the plane so one might use a rubber band to launch it. Nice design, not too much work to modify. Maybe make the front wing slot longer, so wings could be moved forward or backwards.

    i tried opening this on a mac and it says i need an application from the App Store but they're a bit expensive, anyone know of a cheap program that this will open up on?

    I was thinking this could be fun... But the lack of detail is disappointing.

    Can you give a little bit more detail in how to assemble and throw this glider? I have printed it twice and it has crashed every time I throw it.

    Um what does this do, yeah really how big is it? Can I ride in it? ( jk lol)

    What did you print it on?

    How big is it?

    Does it fly?