Picture of Mondrian Wall
The idea from a Mondrian painting
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Step 1: A lot of dust!!

Picture of A lot of dust!!
I prepared the wall removing all the imperfections and giving a first hand of glue/water before of painting

Step 2: Drawing The Lines

Picture of Drawing The Lines

Step 3: Color In The Shapes

Picture of Color In The Shapes
The lines were covered ...

Step 4: Color On The Lines With Black

Picture of Color On The Lines With Black

Step 5: Final Result!!!

Picture of Final Result!!!
mgiuliani (author) 2 years ago
Linda, ho visto che scrivi testi per canzoni. Ottimo...io scrivo musica!!!
mgiuliani (author) 2 years ago
Grazie mille! Devo ringraziare moaibob perché è un sito che non conoscevo. È il caso di dire "impara l'arte..." :)
moaibob2 years ago
That's great, and I see, you took my advise!!!!! LOL
lindarose922 years ago
This is so cool, I love when pieces of art inspire design! Great job!
ps: are you Italian too?
ops, l'ho appena letto sul tuo profilo :D
Benvenuto su Instructables!