Introduction: Money Buddy Beta

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Hello! The money buddy V1 is here! This is a simple organizer for your office! It might also be used as a secret holder if you position it correctly. It's also something you can smile at because its smiley! There is room for your bills so you don't have to carry those around in your home! We will have a finished product if we get at least 5 likes. Then we will make a portable one! (If 5 likes is reached)

Step 1: Materials

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You will need around the house, around the office supplies! - Business card - Sharpie - 2 Pennies - 2 paper clips - Scotch tape - stapler and staples - Quarter (optional)

Step 2: Front Part

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For the front part we will tape two pennies to look like eyes as shown in pictures. You can also draw a little smile... Or frown. Depending if you're an optimist or a pessimist. :D Bend one of your paper clips straight then posh one end pointing up and one pointing down as shown! Staple in, and tape the staple as the same picture shows. You're done on the front!!! Good job!

Step 3: Back Part

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HERE'S THE CHALLENGE!!!!!! The back part is haaarrrrddd to assemble compared to the front! To make a bill holder, cut about 4" of tape and make a band as shown in the picture. Sorry for giving bad instructions, I had built this in advance. After you make that band put tape on the underside of the tape so it doesn't stick to your money! Once you get your tape non sticky, lets make a stand! Stretch out your other paper clip and cut it in half. Make it into a triangle shape as shown. Tape it down where the long end is sticking out. To stabilize, put a quarter or two on the stand .

Step 4: Thank You So Much!

Thank you for viewing this! If this gets 5 likes I will make this V1 and make a portable V2!


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