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This is a flip over wallet glove,it is a secret hiding place for money or small money sized items, if you would like it to be thinner you can use smaller sized yarn and any color in the rainbow (I used teal ) you could even use a pixel art and put in any where you would like on the glove, I came up with the idea for the wallet glove and the odd name Wazzuv (glove mixed with wallet and a bit of fuzz) and I hope it is very useful to everyone, HAPPY KNITTING!! :D

if you are not familiar with knitting abbreviations then here ya go!



k7tog=knit7 stitches together


BO=bind off (end the piece)

CO=cast on (add sts to needle)



Yarn (I got the Red Heart super saver yarn) size 4 medium worsted weight 100% Acrylic

Needles: 4.25mm needles

Step 1: Main Glove

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First you will need to co 30 stitches for the main part of the glove.

Step 2: Main

Picture of Main

Then you need to do the pattern k2,p2 for 5 rows and after that you need to knit 8 rows St st.

Step 3: Main

Picture of Main

then k5 k7tog krest or if you are doing it for the other hand than do krest k7tog k5 and then knit the same rows 3x and do k7tog only the first time but the second and third then their will be 2 sts sticking out knit those loosley,then k 8 rows and at end bind off.

Step 4: The Cover for the Mitten Part

Picture of The Cover for the Mitten Part

CO 30 sts work 14 rows (or more if you have longer fingers) then k2tog all then next row same then sew in all ends and connect it to the main glove.

Step 5: Wallet Pocket

Picture of Wallet Pocket

for the wallet bit then just CO 10 sts k 7 rows or less if you have something shorter.

Step 6: If You Want a Thumb...

Picture of If You Want a Thumb...

if you would like a thumb to your glove co 8 sts and test the size around your thumb to see if it needs more or less sts and you knit how ever many rows you need in length is st st and then BO and sew on and then your done!


gralan (author)2017-10-17

Who let the dogs out! My feet have been killing me, and I'm needing to keep my dogs resting for a while. So this project will be right up my alley. I'm glad about the clear instructions. And I dig the dog in the picture too. hahaha

woof, woof, woof, woof

tomatoskins (author)2017-10-16

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your lovely glove wallet project!

zoerainbows (author)tomatoskins2017-10-17

thank you

Archergal52 (author)2017-10-17

It might be helpful to add what kind of yarn and what size needles you used for the project.

zoerainbows (author)Archergal522017-10-17

Thank you, will do!! :D

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