My inlaws are always so hard to buy for, so this year we are giving them the gift of green - cash.  I hate giving money, but it is what they want so I have made a money gift card holder.  For my brother-in-law I made this Fireplace card so it looks like the president is coming through a fireplace like Santa. Then you can get him out by spinning the fire down.  This is similar to my Money Gift Card Holder - Window, just gives an option of a design.

Card Stock of various colors - I used scraps that were big enough to work with still.
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Step 1: Fold the President

I say "the president" so that if you have a different value than me, it is okay.  You want to fold the sides back so that the only thing up front is the president's face.  I made this tight to fit my card.
Nice job blossom! Sunshiine
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