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Introduction: Money Saving Van/Car Hacks!!!

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These couple of tricks will save you time and money for your car/van!

Step 1: Clean With Putty

Here's a fantastic way to really deep clean those tiny crevices in your car. All you need is just some cleaning putty.

Putty can be bought from stores for only $1. Look in your local dollar or convenience store.

Step 2: Watch the Magic

Take your putty and push it deep into the crevices you want to purge, and then peel it out. Get all the spots that really need attention, until you have a panel that looks like it was professionally detailed.

Step 3: Reuse the Putty

When you're done, you can wash the putty off, and stick it back into the container which it came in until needed again.

Step 4: Air Freshener for Your Car/van

If you want to make a simple air freshener for your car, you only need some cardboard and a bottle of essential oil.

The process is simple. Find an old box, then cut out a design of your liking. You can even print out and trace a picture from online. I mimicked a pine tree design.

Step 5: Hole and Wire

Place your cutout on the table and poke a little hole in the top either with a hole punch or scissor as I did. If you're using a scissor, just place the point where you want to make the hole and twist until a hole forms. You can now run some string or wire through here for later.

Step 6: Oil Time

Now grab some essential oils, or liquid set. Place about 5 drops on each side and let them fully soak into the cardboard. It should slowly spread out throughout the paper. Make sure you fan it a bit or dry it in the sunlight.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Once it's made hang it proudly from your rear view mirror or keep it in a side compartment. It should last a couple of weeks and you can always recharge it with a little more oil.

Step 8: Object Catcher

If you're sick of french fries, coins, and various other nonsense falling between your seat and the center console, then it's time to fix that. All you need is a super cheap pipe insulator. Or if you have a major gap, a pool noodle.

Step 9: Action

Measure out just how long you need it, and cut it to size. Now just tuck the tubing directly into the slot and use it as a catch-all for various things that might fall out of your pocket or your hands. Of course if you don't want it visible, just push it down further to keep it out of sight but within reach. Just make sure to check it occasionally, and see how much money you made.

Thanks for reading!



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    Hey you ripped off Household Hacker and even used their video for some of your screen grabs. You should take this down or give them credit at least.


    11 months ago

    Thanks. That's a great tip. Blue tack probably would do the job as well.