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Give the gift of money in the form of a Money Tree!!

This is a simple gift idea that can be done in less than an hour.  It is better than a gift card because who doesn't want cash!

The example I have pictured here is one I made for my college student daughter with a major in art (how cliche- a poor college art major) for the holidays.

It is made from push pins, a styrofoam cone, and many one dollar bills ($1) to form the shape of a fir tree.

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Step 1: Purchase the material

Go earn that money!  Shake those money makers!  While you are out there purchase a styrofoam cone and push pins (preferably with round heads).  The cone I used has 6-8 inches diameter bottom and tapers to the top at 12 inches tall.  To cover this one, it took 100 singles.  (If using less money, use a smaller cone or trim the cone to a smaller height).

Step 2: Fold that money and pin (bottom branches)

Picture of Fold that money and pin (bottom branches)
Hey George!

Fold the dollar bill into shape for the bottom branches:

1.  Face the dollar bill with the portrait of the first US President facing up.
2.  Grasp a corner and fold it to the adjacent corner on the short side until the edge of the bill covers half of the portrait (middle of the bill) and formes a 45 degree fold.  The leading edge of the fold should overlap the longside edge.
3.  Grasp the newly formed point and fold it over the previous fold to create another 45 degree fold.  The new fold should look like a triangle.
4.  Tuck the excess under the fold to hold the fold in place.
5.  Pin the money to the styrofoam cone with the push pins while ensuring that the bills and pins overlap.  Ensure that the green side faces up.

NOTE: When pinning the corners, the bills will have a tendancy to bend away from the cone.
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