Introduction: Money Wallet With Recipt Pocket

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This Instructable is a variation of Snipe0's wallet which can be found here.

Note: This is my first Instructable. Please comment or make suggestions.

Step 1: Get Materials

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You need:
three dollar bills

Step 2: Recipt Pocket

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pic 1. Lay out bills
pic 2. fold top over

Step 3: Main Pocket

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see pics

Step 4: Tape

tape the sides of the bills

Step 5: Your Done!

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your done and now you can enjoy your wallet and make improvements(please show me what you have done)!
remember to post comments and suggestions!


dawg065 (author)2011-03-14

i have some money canadian money left over from my now i have something i can do with about making a comicbook wallet?

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