Picture of Sales motivator money blower machine
If you’ve ever been a part of a company with a sales team, you’ve probably heard the bells or gongs that are sometimes used to celebrate various accomplishments. The process is very simple. When you close a deal or secure a new client the person who closed the sale rings the bell or hits the gong. The idea is to add energy and excitement into the workplace and motivate the rest of the team to strive that much harder for the next sale or client.

At SET, we’re known for developing one of the most innovative video targeting technologies in our space, so we wanted to create our own unique version of this common celebratory experience. We dedicated evenings and weekends to creating the ultimate sales motivator. The ideation process began where it often does, the dry erase board. The initial inspiration came from an existing product, the “Cash Grab Game.” We added a police light, a siren, laser-cut SET logo and a plexiglass case.

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Step 1: Design your money blower

Picture of Design your money blower
Our design was a miniature version of a cash grab inflatable game. See the photo for some inspiration on how we designed our money blower. The final design that we selected was based on a museum podium concealing the high-powered blower and tubing. On top, there's a display case to view the swirling bills. As long as there's a vertical space for the bills to fly and air to escape, you should be in good shape. 

Step 2: Source your materials

Picture of Source your materials
Once your design is finalized, you'll need to purchase/acquire the parts for your money blower.

Parts you can buy online:

Acrylic display case
WeMo switch
Blower fan
Police light
Loud siren

Parts you need to acquire elsewhere:

Wood for podium
Paint for podium
Laser-cut logo
Laser-cut top
$$$ bills (crumpled)
bucky91 year ago
Whats the Source code?! :) I bought the WeMo and and doing a workflow from but it is lacking! :)

Thanks! (author)  bucky91 year ago
We've posted the source code to Github so you can access the api calls for the Salesforce integration. See more here:
From San Francisco huh ?…
Would have bet !… :D
tgascho1 year ago
Thats so epic! You should hook up speakers so that it also starts playing dubstep or a song about money or something. Great job though!
knife1411 year ago
VERY nice job!!!!